June 10, 2011

Items Donated to Auction For Nick

Third time's a charm! I donated a hooded towel to begin with, then changed it to three flower hair clips. After looking at them for a while, I didn't like them at all!

So now I have changed my donation again! I think I got it right this time, with these items. Hurry up and put in your bid! The action ends Sunday night, find it on Facebook here; Aim Photography: Auction for Nick.

Purple with purple and blue gems and black beads looped like petals

Hot pink with pink gems

Pale Pink with delicate white dots

Pink with pink spotted black feathers and black button center

 Pink and White Feathers with white beads and lime green button

 Purple Baby Blanket - Flannel Ragged Blanket

 One side

Reverse Side

Close-up on patterns

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