July 25, 2011

Paci Clips

I have been working on making up some paci clips. I have been collecting cute ribbon for a while now, so I finally got around to getting some photos of it and I have some girl ones made up that I need to list. If you are looking for a paci clip, check out these custom listings on Etsy. Custom Girl Paci Clip, Custom Girl Paci Clip with Buttons, Custom Boy Paci Clips (listing coming soon)

Boy Brown and Blue, packaged and ready to send

 Girl ribbons, set one

 Girl ribbons, set 2, so many cute girl ribbons!

Neutral ribbons

Boy ribbons, I just got another one that has blue and green stripes

 Ribbons used for the loop end

 Jungle Boy set listed on Etsy

1 comment:

Little Miss Nobody said...

Those are really cute, Jana ... wish we had a use for them.