December 1, 2011

Sweater Mitten Tutorial

Make these super cute mittens out of an old sweater and some fleece, it's that easy!!! I used some sweaters I got on clearance last year to make these. I mixed pieces from 3 different sweaters, I think they are more cute that way.

There are lots of tutorials for these mittens out there, I just wanted to share mine. I uploaded the pdf files for the Adult Mittens and also a file for Child and Baby Mittens, I think that will be the best for users to just print it out and go from there! I hope the links work.

 3 Pairs of Sweater Mittens made with this pattern

 The three cut out pieces for this patter, plus you need the 2 cuffs from your sweater for the mitten cuffs

I will post the pattern later, I don't have it on this computer.  Oh, and I also have a kids size patter too.

All of the pieces you need to make one set of mittens.

 I shortened the thumbs, I'll mark that on the pattern for you. 
You can leave it long if you have long thumbs :)

 Put the two pieces that have the thumb shapes on them together, this will make the palm side of the mitten.

 Mark 1/4 inch down from the corner and also straight across from that mark

 Sew from mark to mark

 Lay palm piece on the front piece

 This photo shows one front piece up and one palm piece up

 Make sure that the seam on the opposite side of the thumb lays flat when the thumb is up.

 Sew around 1/4 in from the edge and when you come to the thumb, sew just up to the stitches that are there, DO NOT sew over the stitches, sew just up to them. If you sew over them, it will make the mitten pucker!

 Flip the thumb up and begin sewing from the stitches on the other side of the thumb

 This is what you will have when you have sewn all 3 pieces together

 Do the same with the sweater pieces

 If the bottoms are uneven, trim excess

 Take the fleece lining, turn it inside out so the seams are smooth on the outside, take the cuff and turn it inside out so the smooth seams are facing the fleece. Line up the cut edges and sew 1/4 in around the bottom edge.

 This is what you have, when you are done, the sweater cuff is sewn onto the fleece lining.  The picture shows one cuff pulled down

 Turn the fleece linings inside out, so that the smooth seams are on the inside, so when you put your hand in the mitten, it is nice and smooth and soft.

 Put the fleece mitten on

Turn the sweater mitten inside out so that the rough seams are on the inside of the mitten

 put the sweater mitten on over the fleece mitten
Roll the cuff up

 Sweater mittens!

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