September 6, 2012

365 Blankets: #3 - Quilted Flannel Blanket

This is another simple blanket.

1. Take two pieces of flannel and cut both pieces to about the same size (you will probably need to recut the edges once they are sewn together, so don't be worried about them being exactly the same size).

2. Pin the pieces together and quilt. 

3. Serge around the edge of the blanket

4. That is it, that easy!

Here are photos and a few tips that I discovered along the way.

the fabric: white and green baby boy print from the receiving blankets and a green flannel with white polka dots

 Cut the fabric to approximate size

 I like to round the corners of the blankets I make when I am going to do a serged edge, but you don't have to.

Front and back

Lay the two pieces flat with right sides facing out.

Smooth the wrinkles out, flip over and repeat and then pin about every 8-10 inches.

Oops, I measured wrong :)

I used a Free-Motion Presser Foot to quilt the two layers together.

Look close, you can see where it is quilted

If you make a mistake, (like not putting the presser foot back down after a turn) all you need to do is sew back and forth over the end of your stitch and continue on.


 All quilted together.

 Clean up the edges and curve the corners again if you need to.

Serge around the outside

Sew over the serge thread tail end

Add a tag

All done. Finished size, approx. 34x40

Ready to list!

Here is another blanket that I made in a similar way, but I used a walking foot made straight quilt lines.

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