October 1, 2012

365 Blankets: # 21-24

More Receiving Blankets, I know, I make lots of receiving blankets, but they are such useful blankets to have with little ones.  I have a little one myself and I use flannel receiving blankets all the time!  They are great for nursing covers, folded up as burp cloths, for swaddling, for tummy time, as play blankets for older siblings, as car seat covers and more.  So, that is why I make them a lot.

Oh, and I make better blankets than most of the ones you can find in the store.  The blankets I make are almost always 40x40, which means you can use them for more then the first two weeks of your baby's life.  Store blankets are often 30x30, which means they are a good burp cloth size!  I also have a variety to choose from in cute boy, girl and gender neutral prints.  And they are a good deal too, only $14-$14.50 for most of them.

Plus, I don't think it would be physically possible for me to make 365 baby quilts or ragged blankets in 1 year.  Not when I have two little ones competing with my sewing machine, for my attention.  So, I make quick and simple receiving blankets and swaddling blankets. 

And without further ado, 4 more adorable receiving blankets....

Blanket # 21 & 22 - Flannel Receiving Blankets
Pretty Umbrellas

Blanket # 23 & 24 - Flannel Receiving Blankets
In The Air

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