February 12, 2011

My Material

I love, love, love shopping for material.  I love thinking of all the things that I could make with it.  I love picking out different materials to go together.  I love mixing up patterns and textures.  I love finding deals in the remnants that are an extra 50% off!  I just love it!  Which is why I have so much of it. 

I keep telling myself that I can't buy any more until I use up what I have.  Okay, maybe not all of what I have, maybe half of what I have.  But what if I need to get a specific type of material, or a different color or design from what I have.  What if I am in the store for something else, like a new pair of scissors, since the ones I have are junk, and there are some really good sales?  Then I need to buy more material, I NEED to! :)

Take a look.  If you like material as much as I do, then you understand.

Here are my flannel sets:
Top: Funky girly prints in brown and subdued color tones, pinks, purples, greens, etc.
Bottom: Blue, brown, tan polkadot, stripes, puppy dogs

 Top: Brown and pale turquoise, vines, dots, animal print, African animals
Bottom: multicolor robots, multicolor circles on turquoise background, blue mini plaid

Top: salamanders and sunburst circles, multicolor cirles, navy starburst on lime green background
Bottom: mixed print purples

Top: Turquoise and brown floral prints
Bottom: Rainbow colors with purple and turquoise

Top: yellow and green with jungle monkeys
Bottom: you can't see it, but it is a really cool multicolor elephant print and brown with blue vines

 Top left: Mushrooms, butterflies and pink diagonal plaid
All the rest is various material that I don't have blankets planned for

Here is my fleece:

 I have blankets planned for these, but you can't see the different prints, and they are not organized like the flannel is.
 My ribbons for making paci clips

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