March 22, 2011

Recent Work

I have made 3 blankets so far this week, I am on a roll!

Orange Frogs - orange, blue and brown plaid, pale green, blue vines on brown background, turquoise/green/orange frogs on brown background

Whimsy - mushrooms of many colors on dark green background, pink plaid, butterflies on a pale blue background

Printed Jungle - elephants of many colors on a blue background, funky red and white print, blue vines on a brown background, giraffe print


Janelle said...

You are on a roll!! LOVE that middle blanket!! Cute, cute, cute!

thisbpat said...

Glad you got your machine fixed so fast. Love the animal print one.

Jana said...

Tanks Janelle, and Patty, I actually got the machine up and running the same night it broke! I just didn't blog it right away. If I hadn't gotten it fixed I would have definitely been out shopping for a new one!