April 15, 2011

Tutorial: Quick and Easy Crochet Blanket

I thought I might start posting some pictures and mini tutorials on how I make some of my blankets, stuffed animals and other things.

In today's spotlight is a super easy crochet blanket that you could make in a day, if you wanted to, easily in 3! Start out with a super bulky yarn, this makes things go really fast!

 For this blanket I used Yarn Bee Soft Illusion - Super Bulky, it is from Hobby Lobby, unfortunately, I think they are discontinuing it.

When buying yarn, you want to check the lot #, get all your yarn with the same # if you can. The lot # is the dye lot, so if you have two skeins of yarn of the same color but of a different dye lot, they may be slightly different. There is also a little info panel on the label that will recommend what size of crochet hook to use. For this one it recommended a 9mm, I ended up using a 6.5, since I couldn't find my 9.

For this blanket, I did a basic double-spaced double-crochet. To make it yourself, just chain on an even #, I started out with 68, and ended up adding more later to equal and original chain of 78.Then just go back along your chain, double crochet in the 6th chain back from your hook, this will make your 1st double crochet and the first space. Next, chain one and double crochet in the 8th chain. continue all the way down. I realize this is a very basic explanation, if you want learn more about crocheting, I learned from the video tutorials that you can find on the internet.

 This is what you will end up with once you make your chain and then start double crocheting on the chain.

 With the double-spacing, there are holes in the blanket, my nephew likes to have this blanket while he sleeps.

 Since the yarn is so fuzzy, you don't see the holes in this picture.

This is the size of the blanket with 2 skeins crocheted.

I will post pictures of it when I finish it up later tonight.

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