May 5, 2011

Boo Boo Bags Giveaway

Here are the BB Bag covers I have made so far. The one in front is one side, and the bag it is laying on top of is the print on the reverse. Lots of colors and prints to choose from. Some gender neutral, and a whole bunch of boy and girl color/print choices.

I will be listing these on Etsy soon, trying to figure out pricing and shipping. Comparable Boo Boo/Owie/Corn/Rice/Flaxseed bags are about $4 each, but they do not have removeable/washable covers. What do you think would be a fair price? What would you pay? Also keep in mind that shipping will be a bit pricey, around $4 for two I think, at least, I need to make a test run at the post office to see for sure though.

Check out the posts below for more information on these great little creations. You could also win two for yourself if you enter the giveaway, it will close at midnight, Thursday, May 5th.

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