May 31, 2011

Hooded Towel for Auction

Remember this post from last week?  Well, the auction is up and running and you can find it here.

The proceeds from this auction will go to a 27-year old father and husband who needs a lung transplant.

Honeybunch Boutique is donating a hooded towel. The towel is 33x48 with an 11 inch hood. It is great for children of all sizes and will fit them for several years. It is made from an over-sized Spa Home towel from Target. The edges are serged and will get fuzzy after you wash it. I would normally list this towel for $20 on Etsy. Shipping is reduced to only $3.

Here are some pictures of the towel.

 Folded up on a chair

 My 13 month old modeling the towel - it is plenty big for her :)

 She loved wearing this towel, she didn't want me to take it away :)  

A friend of mine ordered some of these towels for her boys and I think they are used as capes and costumes during play, more than they are used as towels after a bath!

 Folded in half
 Laid out
Rolled up

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