May 9, 2011

Giveaway: Hooded Towel

This week's giveaway is a hooded towel! It is 26x35 with an 8.5x9 inch hood. It is perfect for toddlers, and will work for ages 6 months - 2 years.  These towels are great for all ages, and I can make them in infant, toddler and child sizes.

To enter this giveaway, comment on this post, indicate that you want to enter the giveaway and make sure you INCLUDE YOUR NAME.

You can also enter to win on Facebook, just comment on the Hooded Towel Giveaway Album.

 Aurelia modeling the Teddy Bear Towel

 folded in half

laid out flat, 26x35

folded up

Pricing for the towels will be as follows:
Standard: basic towel, simple hood

   Infant: $14
   Toddler: $16
   Child: $18

Upgraded: higher quality towel, simple hood
   Infant: $16
   Toddler: $18
   Child: $20

Specialty: higher quality towel, designed hood or other embellishments   
   Infant: $21
   Toddler: $23
   Child: $25


Neisha said...

you sure have a darling model :)


milliejc said...

Hi! My name is Millie Jane Cantley-Mason, but my friends call me Millie. So, please be sure to call me "Millie." I would very much like to enter the Hooded Towel Giveawy.

I'm impressed with this hooded towel, especially for small children, because as we all know, stepping out of the tub or shower, makes us all say, "brrrrrr." This is a wonderful product to wrap the little ones in and take away the "brrrrr." What a fantastic idea. It's also adorable and I think a toddler would greatly enjoy playing with it and carrying it, which would make bath time a lot of fun too. Great product!

Jana said...

Neisha, thanks :)
Millie, I have you entered in the giveaway, only one per person this time around, on the blog or on Facebook. I am glad you like the hooded towels, my little girl has great fun walking around in hers, just like you said! :)