May 2, 2011

Tutorial: Boo Boo Bags

My latest project has been making Boo Boo Bags, also known as owie bags, ice packs, hot packs, rice bags, the list could go on I am sure. These little ditties are great for kids when they get bumps and bruises, hence the name. They are also great for headaches, sinus pain, insect bites, bee stings, sprains, strains, reducing swelling, puffy eyes, muscle aches, growing pains, cramps, earaches, gas pain, labor and after-pains, nursing discomforts (plugged ducts/mastitis), pocket hand warmer, and you can take the larger size with you to bed to warm a chilly bed in the winter.

They have covers that are easily washable and won't shrink. I use rice, it is cheap, true, but it works well. It is nice small grains that easily conform and I like the weight of it. If it is was too light, you wouldn't have good contact and not as much heat/cold would transfer. Some say that the rice dries out after many uses, and yes, it can. If that happens, simply place a damp (not dripping) paper towel around it when you microwave it, the moist heat helps a lot more than dry heat.

Anyways, this is how I make mine.

2 pieces of 5x6.5 inch material, fronts facing in, sew around the outside and leave an opening at the top

turn inside out

press around the outside

top-stitch around the outside, just 1/8 inch in from the edge, still leaving the opening

find a funnel or make one out of a piece of paper, fill the bag with 1 c. rice

it should look like this

line up the two layers of the opening and pin the top shut

sew the opening closed
a whole stack of them ready to sell!
Now for the case

prewash the material, very important, if you do not, the cases will not fit your bags after you wash them!

take two pieces of flannel material, 7x5.25 inches, mark 1 inch down from the top

fold it over 1/2 inch, the edge lines up with your line, sew 1/8 inch in along the top, then stitch a zigzag to prevent fraying

face right sides together and stitch around 3 sided, about 1/4 inch in, leaving the top open, turn right-side out and you are done!

here are they boy and neutral prints I am working on

the girl prints

more girl prints

with the HB logo on them

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