May 27, 2011

Donations @ Honeybunch Boutique - We Got Your BACK!

Honeybunch Boutique will be donating several items to the Golf Tournament and Benefit for my 17 year-old cousin, Whitney.  Money from the Golf Tournament as well as from a Raffle/Auction will go to help pay for medical bills related to the five surgeries she has had over the past 2 years.

Whitney during 1 of her 23 days in the hospital

Whitney's Story:
Whitney had back surgery in July of 2009 to correct severe scoliosis.  Her recovery proceeded as expected until December of 2010, when she started having pain and found a lump on her back. This brought her to Mayo to see her doctors.  They decided that she had developed an infection, but were unsure what was causing it. 

They ran many test and Whitney went through two more surgeries to clean out the infection around her spine.  She had a PICC line placed to receive IV antibiotics and was prescribed other medications as well. She seemed to be on the road to recovery until April 2011. She developed another lump and had allergic reactions to her medications.  The infection was back. 

This time the doctors repeated the previous surgery to flush out the infection.  Two days later, when the infection persisted, they decided to do yet another surgery. This would be her 5th.  This time the doctors hoped to completely take out any possible cause of the infection.  They removed hardware and it was discovered that the infection had completely surrounded it.  They cleaned away the infection in her spine and placed two new 19-inch rods and 22 new screws.  The previous three surgeries to irrigate and flush out the infection had been unsuccessful, because the infection remained under the hardware the whole time.  The doctors are hopeful that the infection will not return.

Whitney has been through 5 different surgeries and has spent 23 days in the hospital, as well as countless hours in the clinic. She is a very beautiful, strong person and she has gone through so much in the last four months. 

Her siblings are hosting a benefit in honor of her success and to help cover some of the medical bills that have accrued. The Benefit will be on her Golden Birthday, June 18th. 

If you would like to contribute, you can e-mail her siblings at  Anything is greatly appreciated
Find the Facebook Event Page for the Golf Tournament and Benefit by clicking on the link.

You can watch an interview with Whitney, KTTC video about Whitney, by clicking on the link.

I will post on the items I will be donating at a later date.

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