May 5, 2011

Hooded Towels

I made a hooded towel a while ago for a niece and I decided to make one today for my own daughter. It worked as a good test run to see how it would go, if I want to make these to sell. Here are some pictures of how it turned out, I will take some more later of Aurelia with the towel, but she is napping now.

Most of the tutorials I found on how to make these used a towel and half of a hand towel, but I felt that would be too big for infants and toddlers. I used one towel and cut off 10 inches from the bottom of it, which I used to make the hood. This way I did not have to buy a hand towel and I also made the towel a little smaller, so it will fit little one better.

I used a wide orange ric rac to trim the edges along the hood and the ends

Close-up on the hood


gina said...

This is GREAT..I loved these when my boys were little! You should sell them!

Lani said...

Agree with Gina. So, I want to buy four for my five and six-year old, but they may have to be bigger? The ones I buy at Target or Pottery Barn don't cover their bottoms and they LOVE hooded towels... they like to cuddle after bath time.